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1842 Atlantic hurricane season

The atlantic Hurricane Season of 1842 featured several Maritime Disasters in the Gulf of Mexico and along the us coastline. S. The east Coast produced one of the only known tropical Cyclones that directly affected the iberian Peninsula. As the Season falls outside the Scope of the Atlantic Hurricane Database, Records of most Storms in 1842 are scarce, and only approximate Tracks are known. The first documented Storm of the Season battered the north Carolina Coast in mid-july Wrecking Dozens of Ships and destroying Homes along the Outer Banks. A little more than a Month later another Storm hit the same Region and caused several more Shipwrecks that killed at least 12 Men. This Storm later didused mid-atlantic States with Flood Rains. In early September, a powerful Storm known as 'Antje's Hurricane' —named after a Ship that it dismasted—tracked generally westward after first being spotted over the Leeward Islands. After yielding widespread Destruction across the Bahamas the Storm traversed the florida Straits causing severe Damage in both the northern Cuba and the lower Florida Keys. Many Ships and their Crews were lost when the Storm crossed the Gulf of Mexico it finally struck northern Mexico on September 8th.


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