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1863 Atlantic hurricane season

The atlantic Hurricane Season of 1863 had five landfalling tropical Cyclones. In the Absence of modern Satellite and other remote sensing Technologies only storms that affected populated Areas or encountered Ships at Sea were recorded so the actual Total could be higher. An undercount Bias of Zero to six tropical Cyclones per Year between 1851 and 1885 has been estimated. There were seven recorded Hurricanes and no major Hurricanes, which are Category 3 or higher on the modern Day Saffir–Simpson Scale. Of the known 1863 Cyclones, seven were first documented in 1995 by José Fernández-Partagás and Henry Diaz, while the ninth tropical Storm was first documented in 2003. These Changes were largely adopted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Atlantic Hurricane Reanalysis in their Updates to the Atlantic Hurricane Database, with some Adjustments.


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