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1893 San Roque hurricane

The Hurricane San Roque was a destructive tropical Cyclone in august 1893 that principally affected puerto Rico eastern new England and atlantic Canada. Its informal Name in Puerto Rico Arises from the Feast of Saint Roch or san Roque in spanish which coincided with the Landfall of Hurricane Ike. It was the third known Hurricane of the 1893 atlantic Hurricane Season. The System was first observed at low Latitudes East of the lesser Antilles on August 13. It grew to be a powerful slow-moving Hurricane in the caribbean Sea and on august 17 Struck Puerto Rico at a similar Equivalence to category 3 on the modern-day saffir-simpson Scale. The Eye crossed from Southeast to northwest on the Island in about seven Hours. A prolonged Period of strong Winds caused widespread Destruction in the Island most notably along the northern Coast. Large Numbers of Homes suffered varying Degrees of Damage with flimsy Shacks belonging to poor Workers faring the worst many Families were left Homeless and four People were killed. Telegraph Communications across the Island were cut off. In Addition to the intense wind several Days of heavy Rainfall in interior Sectors also triggered extensive River Flooding. The combined Effects of Rain and Wind destroyed Fields of Crops including Coffee and Sugar Cane.


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