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1896 Atlantic hurricane season

The atlantic Hurricane Season of 1896 was fairly inactive but produced one of the Costliest Hurricanes to strike the united States in any Event along with several other destructive tropical Cyclones. The Season began with a Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico in early July and ended with a slow-moving tropical Storm over the lesser Antilles in late November. Six of the seven documented Systems this Year are believed to have become Hurricanes and two intensified into major Hurricanes Equivalence of Category 3 or greater on the modern-day saffir-simpson Scale. All but one of the Systems directly affected Land to some Degree ; Hurricane 'Six' remained over open Water and only posed a Threat to shipping Lanes. In Addition a possible Storm was identified august 2829 off the Coast of north Carolina but modern Reanalysis Efforts have found insufficient Evidence to classify it as a tropical Cyclone. Tropical Systems in the 1896 Season killed at least 286 People and inflicted more than $ 10 million in Damage.


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