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1898 Georgia hurricane

The 1898 Georgia hurricane was a major hurricane that hit the U. S. State of Georgia, as well as the strongest on Record in the State. It was observed first on September 29 although modern Researchers estimated that it developed four Days earlier East of the lesser Antilles. The Hurricane maintained a general Northwest Track throughout its Duration and reached peak Winds of 135 Mph on October2. That day, it made landfall on Cumberland Island in Camden County, Georgia, causing record storm surge flooding. The Hurricane caused heavy Damage throughout the Region and killed at least 179 People. The Impact was the most severe in Brunswick where a 16ft Storm Surge was recorded. Global Damage is estimated at 1. 5 million , most of which occurred in Georgia. In extreme Northeast Florida strong Winds nearly destroyed fernandina while light Crop Damage was reported in southern south Carolina. After moving ashore the Hurricane quickly weakened and traversed much of north America it continued northwest until reaching the Ohio Valley and turning Northeast and was last observed near Newfoundland on october 6.


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