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1904 Chappaqua tornado

The 1904 Chappaqua Tornado was an intense Tornado that struck northern Westchester County new York on saturday Afternoon july 16 1904. As of 2019 this tornado Ranks as the strongest Tornado to touch down in the County Ranking as F3 on the modern-day Fujita Scale. The Tornado was formed by a severe Thunderstorm near chappaqua new York around 3 Pm Est. The tornado quickly began to create Damage to the Hamlet destroying several Buildings and killing two People. Homes were knocked off their Foundations and rolled down along the Path of the Tornado. By 4:00 Pm Est, the Tornado dissipated and left $ 100,000 Worth of Damage in its Wake. Hail associated with the same Storm Cell also inflicted Damage to a few Structures. The Tornado is known as the worst Disaster in Chappaqua's History.


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