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1915 Galveston hurricane

The 1915 Galveston Hurricane was a tropical Cyclone that caused extensive Damage to the Galveston Area in August1915. Widespread Damage was also documented throughout its Path across the caribbean Sea and the Interior of the united States. Due to Similarities in Strength and Trajectory the Storm drew Comparisons with the deadly Hurricane of Galveston in 1900. While the newly completed Galveston Seawall mitigated a similar-scale Disaster for Galveston, numerous Fatalities occurred along unprotected Stretches of the Texas Coast due to the Storm's 16. 2 ft storm surge. Overall, the major Hurricane inflicted at least $ 30 million in Damage and killed 403–405 People. A demographic Normalization of landfalling Storms suggested that an equivalent Storm in 2005 would cause 68. 0 billion in Damage in the United States.


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