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1917 Nueva Gerona hurricane

The Hurricane Nueva Gerona in 1917 was the most intense tropical Cyclone to hit the Florida Panhandle until Hurricane Opal in 1995. The eighth tropical Cyclone and fourth tropical Storm of the Season this System was identified on September20 as a tropical Storm East of the lesser Antilles. After crossing the lesser antilles the System entered the caribbean Sea and gained Intensity in September21. The Storm struck the northern Coast of Jamaica on September 23 after becoming a Category 2 Hurricane. The early Morning on September 25 reached Category 4 Status and soon thereafter reached Maximum sustained Winds of 150mph. Later that Day the Hurricane made Landfall in the eastern Province of Pinar Del Ro Cuba. Shortly afterwards the System entered the Gulf of Mexico and weakened slightly. Recurring to the Northeast the Hurricane Briefly threatened louisiana before turning toward Florida. On september29 the Hurricane made Landfall near fort Walton Beach Florida with Winds of 115 Mph. Once over land the Cyclone quickly weakened and transitioned to an extratropical Cyclone before dissipating on September 30.


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