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1940 Atlantic hurricane season

The 1940 atlantic Hurricane Season was a generally average Period of tropical Cyclogenesis in 1940. Although the Season had no official Boundaries most tropical Cyclone Activity occurred in August and September. Throughout the Year fourteen tropical Cyclones formed of which nine reached tropical Storm Intensity of which six were Hurricanes. None of the Hurricanes reached the Intensity of large Hurricanes. Tropical Storms that did not approach populated Areas or shipping Roads even if they were relatively weak and of short Duration may have remained undetected. Because Technologies such as satellite Monitoring were not available until the 1960s historical Data on tropical Storms from this Period are often not reliable. As a Result of a Reanalysis Project analyzing the 2012 Season an additional Hurricane was added to hurdat. The Year's first tropical Storm began off the northern Coast of Hispaniola in May19. At the Time this was a rare Occurrence as only four other tropical Disturbances were known to have formed prior during this Period since then the Reanalysis of previous Seasons has concluded that there were more than four tropical Cyclones in may. The Season's final System was a tropical Disturbance in the greater Antilles that dissipated on November 8th.


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