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1940 South Carolina hurricane

The 1940 South carolina Hurricane was a Category 2 Hurricane that struck Georgia and south Carolina between august 11 and 12 1940. After forming North of the Leeward islands the Storm moved west-northwest moving East of the Bahamas before resuming a west-northwest Track towards the southeastern united States. Hurricane Warnings were in Effect near and North of the american Coast where the Center made Landfall. A 13-foot Storm Tide was measured along the south Carolina Coast while more than 15 Inches of Rain fell across north Carolina. As a Weakening tropical Storm and then as an extratropical Cyclone in the Southeast significant Flooding and Landslides struck georgia north Carolina Tennessee and Virginia. The Landslides which hit north Carolina were considered a once-in-a-century Event. Damages relating to the Storm totaled $ 13 million and 50 People perished.


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