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1942 Atlantic hurricane season

The 1942 atlantic Hurricane Season was one of seven Seasons with multiple Landfalls in Texas. The Season officially lasted from June 16 1942 until october 31 1942. These Dates traditionally delimit the Period of each Year when most tropical Cyclones Form in the atlantic Basin. A Total of 11 tropical Storms from 1943 are listed in the atlantic Hurricane Database with two additional tropical Depressions. The first System of the Year, a tropical Depression, developed over the central Gulf of Mexico on June 3, while the last System, the Belize Hurricane, dissipated over the Yucatán Peninsula on November 11. After the Depression dissipated on June 3 the Season remained dormant until the next System developed two Months later. In mid-august, a Hurricane Struck Texas, causing about $ 790,000 in Damage.


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