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1948 Miami hurricane

The 1948 Miami Hurricane did not cause Fatalities in florida despite passing across the Miami Area as a Hurricane. The ninth tropical Storm and fifth Hurricane of the 1948 Season the Storm developed on october 3 from a large low Pressure Area over the northwestern Caribbean Sea. The Storm intensified into a tropical Storm the next Day and into a Hurricane several Hours later. Fox then significantly deepened, peaking with Winds of 125 Mph early on October 5. Around this Time Fox came onto the Coast of eastern Pinar Del Ro Province of Cuba. Fox crossed the Island and emerged into the Florida Straits. Late on october 5 the Hurricane struck bahia Honda key Florida with Winds of 105mph and hit flamingo two Hours later. Fox emerged into the Atlantic Ocean near Fort Lauderdale early on October 6. The Storm moved northeast and later curved east-northeast. Fox made Landfall on Bermuda on october 7 with Wind of 105 Mph. Over the next few Days fox weakened and later executed a large Cyclonic Loop. By october 16 it became extratropical while East-Southeast of Newfoundland.


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