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1950 Atlantic hurricane season

The 1950 Atlantic hurricane season was the first year in the Atlantic hurricane database that storms were given names in the Atlantic basin. Names were taken from the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet, with the first named Storm being designated 'able', the second 'Baker', and so on. It was a very active season with sixteen tropical storms, with eleven of them developing into hurricanes. Six of these Hurricanes were severe enough to be classified as major Hurricanes a Category reserved for Storms that experienced sustained Winds equivalent to a Category 3 or greater on the present-day Saffirsimpson Scale. One Storm, the Twelfth of the Season, was unnamed and was originally excluded from the yearly Summary, and three additional Storms were discovered in Re-Analysis. The large Quantity of Storms in the Year yielded prior to modern Reanalysis what was the highest seasonal accumulated Cyclone Energy of the 20th Century in the atlantic Basin 1950 held the seasonal Ace Record until the atlantic Hurricane Season 1995. However, later Examination by Researchers determined that several Storms in the 1950 Season were weaker than Thought, leading to a lower Ace than assessed originally. This Season also set the Record for the most tropical Storms, eight, in the Month of October.


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