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1989–90 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season

The 198990 south-west indian Ocean Cyclone Season was an average Season with nine named Storms and five tropical Cyclones one Storm attained maximum sustained Winds of at least 120 Km. The Season officially ran from 1 november 1989 to 30 April 1990. Storms were officially tracked by the Météo-France Office on Réunion while the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in an unofficial Basis. The first Storm, Cyclone Alibera, was the second longest-lasting tropical Cyclone on Record in the Basin, with a Duration of 22 Days. Alibera moved and changed Directions several Times before striking Southeast Madagascar on January1 1989 where it was considered to be the worst Storm since 1925. The cyclone killed 46 people and left widespread damage. Only the final Storm of the Year – Severe Tropical Storm Ikonjo – also had significant Impact on Land, when it left $ 1. 5 million in damage in the Seychelles.


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