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1993 Pacific hurricane season

The 1993 Pacific Hurricane Season included more than double the average Number of Hurricanes Category3 or stronger on the Saffirsimpson Scale. This Activity was the Result of an El Nio Event which is the main Factor contributing to above Average Activity across the Pacific Basin. The Season featured 15 named Storms, 11 Hurricanes, and 9 major Hurricanes. While the Number of named Storms was close to the long-term Average the Number of Hurricanes was above the Average of 8 and the Number of major Hurricanes exceeded the long-term Average of 4. Seasonal Activity began on 17 may and ended on november 8 within the Confines of a traditional Hurricane Season that starts on 15 may in the East Pacific and June 1 in the central Pacific. In both basins the Season ends on november 30. These Dates conventionally delimit the Period during each Year when most tropical Cyclones Form.


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