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2010 New Year's Eve tornado outbreak

The new Year's Eve 2010 Tornado Outbreak was a three-day Tornado Outbreak that impacted the central and lower Mississippi valley from December 30 2010 to january 1 2011. 37 Tornadoes swarmed across five States over the Length of the severe Event killing nine and injuring several Others. Activity was centered on December 31 in the States of Mississippi and later missouri. On the enhanced fujita Scale seven Tornadoes were rated ef3 these were the strongest Tornadoes during the Outbreak. On december 31 non-tornadic Winds were recorded to have reached as high as 80mph at eight Locations while hail as large as 2. 75 in was documented North-Northeast of Mansfield, Missouri. Overall, damage from the outbreak totaled US$123. 3 million, most of which was related to Tornadoes. This is the most prolific Tornado Outbreak in the Month of December in Missouri.


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