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250t-class torpedo boat

The 250t Class were high-seas Torpedo Boats built between 1913 and 1916 for the austro-hungarian Navy. A Total of 27 Boats were constructed by three Shipbuilder Companies with the Letter indicating the Manufacturer after the Boat Number. There were small Differences between Manufacturers mainly in the Steam Turbines used and whether they had one or two Funnels. The eight Boats of T-Group designated 74t 81t were built by Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino in Triest. The sixteen Boats of f-group 82f 97f were built by Ganz-Danubius on their Shipyards in Fiume and Porto Re. The three M-Group Boats, 98 M – 100 M, were manufactured by Cantiere Navale Triestino at Monfalcone.


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