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3rd United States Colored Cavalry Regiment

The 3rd united States colored Cavalry was a Regiment in the united States army organized during the american civil War as one of the Units of the united States colored Troops. The Regiment was initially formed in october 1863 as the 1st Mississippi cavalry Regiment at Vicksburg Mississippi. The Unit soon began to take Part in Expeditions near Vicksburg. The Regiment saw Action in yazoo City in february March 1864. After being renamed the 3rd U. S. Colored Cavalry continued to participate in Raids in March 1864 including the may Expedition of the Yazoo City. In December 1864 the Unit took Part in a successful Raid led by Benjamin Grierson during which the Battle of egypt Station and other Actions were fought. The Regiment operated near memphis Tennessee until april 1865 after which it returned to vicksburg for Occupation Duties. In january 1866 the Soldiers were mustered out of federal Service.


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