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6th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)

The 6th Missouri Infantry was an Infantry Regiment of the Confederate States army during the american civil War. The Regiment was formed on 26 August 1862 when two existing Units were combined. Later that Year the Regiment was lightly engaged at the Battle of Iuka and saw heavy Action at the second Battle of Corinth. The Regiment was engaged in 1863 at the Battle of Port Gibson and was Part of a major Charge at the Battle of Champion Hill. After Defeat at Battle of big black River bridge the Regiment took Part in the Siege of Vicksburg where it witnessed heavy Fighting. The Siege of Vicksburg ended on 4 July with a Confederate Surrender after being exchanged the Regiment combined with the 2nd Missouri Infantry to form the 2nd and 6th Missouri Infantry. The 6th Missouri Infantry ceased to exist as a separate Unit.


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